The Team

Andrea Manrique Hernandez


Hello, my name is Andrea Manrique Hernández. I am from Colombia and I have lived in Holland for about a year. Billiard, apart from being my favorite sport, has given me the opportunity to meet the love of my life and it is the reason that I currently live in this beautiful country.

My adventure with billiard started when I was in the university. I am an industrial designer and in my free time during my university, I began to play free billiard on the small table. Since then, I have not stopped practicing. During the time when I played free billiard, a man asked me if I wanted to train with the National League of Bogota, Colombia. I said yes and after that, I played three bands on the big table. I also played in two national championships in which I finished in sixth place (2014) and in third place (2015). Last year, I participated in the NK on the big table in Holland. I finished in twelfth place. I feel very grateful with Janine for inviting me to be part of the team, helping me make new friends, and giving me an opportunity to enjoy our beloved sport.

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